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The Luxurious Cupid Approved Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

What’s the perfect scent to gift your loved one this year, be it your man, your woman or yourself? When gifting a Valentine’s Day fragrance subtlety is not the name of the game. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show someone how much you truly care for them. Choosing a Valentine scent is an intimate affair, one that your loved one would appreciate, since you have given a lot of thought to them.

Valentine’s Day is also a time to treat yourself to that seductive perfume or aftershave you have been looking at forever. It is also a holiday for self-love, and a great smelling fragrance can be that gift.

There are a lot of gifts available to shower your love or yourself and here is a selection of Valentine’s Day perfumes and aftershaves worth thinking about that are guaranteed to please.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him:

Versace Aftershave Eros - Eau de Toilette

If you are looking for a fragrance that is both intoxicating and masculine, then this Versace Aftershave will be the best choice. It has a unique fragrance, that is intense and passionate. The fragrance comes with a blend of aromatic and earthy accords along with top notes of Italian lemon, crisp green apple, and cooling mint oil. It is an inviting scent that is youthful, modern and masculine. Your man is a go-getter, who always set new goals and meet new challenges.
Versace Aftershave - Eros - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Versace Aftershave Dylan Blue Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette 

Dylan Blue Pour Homme was launched in 2016 and it has gained popularity among men because this highly distinctive fragrance speaks to their individual senses. This perfume for men has top notes of citrus waves that include bergamot and grapefruit. Also, the fragrance intertwines with fig leaf and aquatic notes. The base of the Dylan Blue Pour Homme has a combination of musk, tonka bean, saffron, and incense. This modern and sophisticated fragrance enhances the seduction, and leaves a long-lasting impression.

You can use this fragrance for casual, evening wear, or formal. This aftershave will be the best choice for the modern man who has no restrictions to explore his many sides.
Versace Aftershave - Dylan Blue Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette (30ml)

Paco Rabanne Invictus Gift Set

If you are looking for a perfect gift to offer your loved one on this Valentine 2021 then this will be the best choice. Paco Rabanne Invictus Aftershave is masculine, sensual, and fresh and is considered the epitome of masculinity. If you inhale the fragrance you will experience a woody-aquatic scent. When your loved one opens the gift set, they can experience the outburst of fresh grapefruit and marine accords.

Whoever said nice guys finish last clearly hasn't met your guy. He prefers sneakers over dress shoes, Netflix over clubbing, and a clean fragrance over anything fussy. Invictus is a green, fresh type of scent so it is perfect for men who prefer light but long-lasting fragrances. It is a welcoming scent that could be worn easily during the daytime.
Paco Rabanne - Invictus - Gift Set

Hugo Boss Aftershave BOSS Bottled Gift Set 

Hugo Boss Aftershave Boss Bottled is a classic, timeless fragrance that is suitable for driven, and ambitious men. His style is mature, elegant and conservative therefore Boss Bottled is the perfect fit for his daily wear. Whilst Boss Bottled is a touch on the milder side, it offers a rich bouquet of vivid woody notes that are comfortable to wear and a superb all-rounder, and if he does not already own one get him it and he will love it.

Hugo Boss Aftershave - Boss Bottled Gift Set (3pcs)

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

Gucci Perfume Bloom - Eau de Parfum

Gucci Bloom is created to unfold like its name, capturing the rich scent of a flourishing garden filled with an abundance of flowers. They are beautiful, green and lush. Gucci Bloom is for the strong and authentic woman ready to make a bold move with a modern floral scent.

Gucci Perfume - Bloom - Eau de Parfum (30ml)

Chloe Perfume Nomade - Eau de Parfum 

Chloe Nomade is truly heaven scent; the perfume combines the opening of sweet Mirabelle plum with the heart of freesia and the base note of warm oak moss to create a fragrance that will be appealing to all. The contrasting notes paint a harmonious picture that makes it perfect for any occasion, suitable for daytime wear as well as evening. This floral chypre perfume is addictive, fresh yet very sensual. The shape of the bottle mimics one of the classic bags of the house - the Drew model.

An eau de parfum that captures the essence of a free-spirited and confident woman and her experiences and encounters. One spritz is all you need to smell beautiful all day, no need to reapply.

Chloé Perfume - Nomade - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Versace Perfume Crystal Noir - Eau de Toilette 

Crystal Noir is a luxurious fragrance that is popular and mass appealing. It is a refreshing and long-lasting scent perfect for colder days of the year. The perfume is presented in a jewel-like bottle that is inspired by the facets of a diamond. It will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection. Made of garnet glass, it is understated yet sumptuous.

This earthy and sophisticated fragrance opens with top notes of ginger and cardamom, with a hint of spicy pepper, which are then balanced with middle notes of gardenia, orange blossom, peony and coconut. The base notes of rich, warm, strong amber, sandalwood and musk blend together for a sweet and sensual smell.

An eau de toilette for the Versace woman who is effortlessly sexy and confident, and who loves fashion and eccentricity.
Versace Perfume - Crystal Noir - Eau de Toilette (50ml)

Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud - Eau de Parfum

Show your girl some love with Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud featuring a creamy and sweet fragrance for women. Cloud is the perfume of daydreams; warm and cosy with a frosty sweetness that you want to cuddle into.

This dreamy scent opens with a blend of lavender blossom, juicy pear and mouth-watering bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is a whipped touch of crème de coconut, praline and vanilla orchid. Sensual musks and creamy woods add a cashmere like feel that that is warm and entices the senses. This fragrance is delicious, easy to wear and a crowd-pleaser.
Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud
Bottom Line:
There are varieties of fragrances available so you can gift them their favourite. On this coming Valentine, don’t make any excuses to shower your love with your gifts.