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Jade Roller Benefits - How to Use a Jade Roller in Your Beauty Routine

Face Roller jade
As the jade roller gains popularity in the beauty world, many advocates claim that this trending tool promises many benefits and is the secret to firmer, more radiant and youthful skin. But do jade rollers really offer youth-inducing benefits and is it the answer to superb skin?

    What is a Jade Roller?

    You probably have seen the jade roller on your Instagram feed or you know someone that uses one. A jade roller looks very similar to a paint roller and this hand-sized tool is used to massage your face. According to history, jade stones were widely used by the elites of Ancient China as far back as the seventh century in beauty rituals and in traditional medicine. 

    Most of these Chinese Royalties possessed these jade stones as they strongly believed that these stones were detoxifying crystals of eternal youth and rolled across complexions to increase blood flow that led to glowing skin. Crystal therapy has been here for centuries and their therapeutic properties were used for healing and purifying.

    Flash forward to today, this trendy face roller is known as a self-care and beauty essential. The usage of a jade roller is known as jade rolling, a term widely used by many. 


    Face roller


    What are the Benefits of Using a Jade Roller?

    Skin experts suggest massaging your face with a face roller has several benefits. Similar to a body massage a face roller may reduce stress and release tension. Being one of the beauty trends of these modern times, a jade roller provides some key health benefits as listed below.

    • Jade rolling enhances blood circulation to your face and thereby increases the production of collagen as well as the elasticity of your skin. This can lead to brighter and firmer skin.
    • Stimulate lymphatic drainage: Jade rolling assists in stimulating the lymphatic system and triggers the removal of toxic build-up. With this action, you can easily detoxify your body to a great extent. This improves the appearance of the skin by reducing fine wrinkles, lines and under-eye bags.
    • Fight signs of ageing: Undoubtedly, a jade roller is well known for its anti-aging abilities. Since jade rolling causes the relieving of tension in the facial muscles, you can appear less stressed and leaves you with a youthful glow.
    • Cools and soothes your skin: You can place your face roller in the refrigerator for a cooling treatment or use a naturally cold stone like jade that will cool the skin on contact. This is a great way to quickly de-puff your skin and tighten pores.
    • Distributes skin care product: Rollers should be used with a moisturiser or oil so that the tool can glide easily across your skin. This process brings the blood to the surface of your skin as a result the skin can absorb the product better.
    • Helps with stuffy sinuses: Some recent studies claim that using this tool may help clear the sinuses. (These studies are still in the early stages.)
    face mask
    Pro-tip: If you are a sheet mask aficionado like me you can use your jade roller to smooth over your face mask. It helps to massage the sheet mask ingredients into the skin. Your skin’s circulation is boosted, your face is de-puffed and you are left with a glow like no other.

    How to Use a Face Roller

    Follow these steps when jade rolling:

    Step 1

    To de-puff your face and reduce under-eye dark circles you can place your facial roller in an ice bath or the refrigerator before using it to boost effects.

    Step 2

    Before your rolling session clean and/or exfoliate your face. Apply a facial oil, moisturiser or serum with a good slip. Lubrication is key, so that the roller can glide over smoothly and not pull or tug on your skin.

    Step 3

    Start at the neck and always roll upwards. Do not roll back and forth. For best results roll up.

    Step 4

    Gently roll from the jawline to the ear on both sides. Do this all the way from the jaw to the cheekbone. Use the smaller stone to massage the area around the eyes.

    Step 5

    In an upward direction roll from the forehead up towards the temples with gentle pressure.

    Step 6

    Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally, which can also ease pain if you have a headache.

    A jade roller is safe to use every day. It is even recommended by some dermatologists for daily use to get best results.

    Face roller how to use

    Don’t Forget to Clean your Face Roller

    After jade rolling, your final step should be to clean that face roller. Always clean your face roller with warm soapy water after each and every use. Pressed for time? Use a soft, damp cloth or towel and gently wipe it down. But a deep clean should be done at least once a week. To prolong the life of your precious stones never use chemical cleaners or alcohol-based products.

    Store your face roller in the provided pouch since they are very delicate.

    Types of Face Rollers 

    Face rollers can be made of:

    Rose Quartz 

    Face roller rose quartz


    A rose quartz roller relieves stress, reduces tension and decreases impurities. It extracts the body of negative energy, detoxifies the skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can efficiently retain its temperature, so it stays cold for longer whilst using it. It de-puffs your face, soothes inflammation and redness.


    Face roller Amethyst UK

    A purple crystal that cleanses negative influences and attachments. Amethyst helps to alleviate stress by attracting positive energy and relaxing the mind. Due to their unique properties, they slightly raise your skin’s temperature to increase circulation. This soothes inflammation and redness and nourishes skin cells with oxygen and nutrients to keep them healthy and encourage regeneration. Amethyst rollers detoxify skin, helps to prevent bacteria growth and tighten pores; therefore, it is recommended for acne-prone skin.


    face roller obsidian UK


    Ebony in colour, Obsidian rollers bring skin imbalances such as eczema, psoriasis and acne to the surface and clears it from the body. It removes negative energy that some experts say is vital to your muscle tissues.

    Clear Quartz 

    Face roller clear quartz


    A clear crystal that is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance concentration and memory. A clear quartz roller has all the benefits of the other types of facial rollers. Lymphatic drainage, headache relief and anti-ageing benefits.


    face roller uk sodalite


    A deep blue crystal that can treat inflammation. Additionally, sodalite roller hydrates skin cells to improve the health of your skin. Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks.

    Jade Rolling from a Scientific Point of View

    Even though there are few scientific studies to back up the benefits of using a jade roller, most dermatologists around the world have agreed with the use of a jade roller as it cannot produce any side effects. According to studies, jade rolling can enhance your appearance at least temporarily and hence it is recommended to use this technique to look fresh for the day. Also, the soft gliding motion offered by this jade roller restricts the dilation of the skin blood vessels. Poor sleeping habits, eating lots of salt, hormonal changes and merely crying can cause puffy under-eyes and skin. All of these conditions can cause our blood vessels to dilate and fluid becomes trapped in the superficial layers of the skin, which can make our skin look inflamed, our pores become more noticeable, and our fine lines and wrinkles more highlighted. A jade roller can help drain this excess fluid out of the skin and back into the lymphatic system. The result is radiant, glowing skin.

    jade roller for face

    The Bottom Line: If you wish to enjoy pampering during your daily facial routine and want to give your complexion a little TLC, a jade roller can be a nice addition for you. As there are many health benefits, it can be used in the morning to de-puff and in the evening after a hectic day to de-stress.