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How to Choose the Perfect Scent for You

A fragrance can make your heart sing and uplift your spirit. A fragrance is an important factor in leaving an enduring mark and it is a good way to showcase your style and the way that you carry yourself.

Some people are perfume addicts, but some people may find navigating the world of perfume a little bit alien to them. There are different varieties of perfumes and many technical terms associated with them. It is a superb idea to fully grasp their meaning so that choosing the ideal fragrance for yourself becomes easier!

What is a Fragrance?

A fragrance is a mixture of complex substances and people within the industry often referred fragrance as a raw material. Fragrances can be obtained from a natural source or synthetic source of materials.

A fragrance is prepared by dissolving the oil in a solvent like alcohol so that the pleasant concoction of the fragrance is preserved. The higher the strength of the oil, the higher the strength of the fragrance will be. Also, the strength will determine how long the fragrance will last on the skin.

What is a Fragrance Family?

A fragrance family is a classification system that the perfume industry uses to place scents into olfactory groups i.e., according to the way that they smell. Each family has a set of dominant factors that give them their special character. It is a logical way to understand fragrance and is invaluable in understanding your personal preference so that finding your new scent could be a walk in the park. This article will help beginners choose the right fragrance for them and provide valuable information to fragrance enthusiasts. 


Aromatic notes comprise of fresh green herbs such as rosemary, cumin, thyme, sage and even lavender. Aromatics are often mixed with citrus and spicy notes for fuller accords. This results in a more masculine and virile fragrance. Aromatic compositions are typical of fragrances for men. The best springtime fragrances may feature aromatic notes.

Aromatic fragrance notes

Examples of Aromatic Fragrances: 

Jimmy Choo - Man - Eau de Toilette (50ml)

Gucci Aftershave - Guilty Black Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette (90ml)

Hugo Boss Aftershave - Selection - Eau de Toilette (90ml)

Emporio Armani Aftershave - Stronger With You - Eau de Toilette (30ml)

Calvin Klein - Euphoria Men - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Gucci - Mémoire d'une Odeur - Eau de Parfum (60ml)


Mossy, woody, floral and slightly animalic, this family has a history dating back to perfumes from the Roman times. Its name was derived from the island Cyprus, as a lot of the notes included in this family are found on the island. It was brought into the modern world in 1917 by François Coty. Chypres (pronounced sheep-rah) are one of the more complex fragrance families to define because they can be aromatic, floral, fruity, green or leathery. Common notes are Bergamot, Oak Moss, Patchouli and Labdanum.

best chypre fragrances


Best Chypre Fragrances: 

Giorgio Armani Perfume - Si - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Jimmy Choo Perfume - Jimmy Choo - Eau de Parfum (40ml)

Gucci Perfume - Bloom Nettare Di Fiori - Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Chloé Perfume - Nomade - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Chloé Perfume - L'Eau - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Ariana Grande Perfume - Ari - Eau de Parfum (30ml)


Characterised by its zesty and fresh notes, citrus fragrances can be used throughout all the seasons. Some of the most common ingredients are grapefruit, lemon, orange, mandarin and this may also include citrusy raw elements such as verbena, bergamot and lemongrass. Citrus notes provide a refreshing, effervescent top that adds a sparkle to any fragrance. 

citrus fragrance family

Best Citrus Fragrances: 

Calvin Klein - CK One - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Tom Ford Perfume - Private Blend Neroli Portofino - Eau de Parfum (30ml)

Tom Ford Perfume - Mandarino di Amalfi - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Burberry Aftershave - Weekend - Eau de Toilette (30ml)

Creed Aftershave - Royal Water - Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Givenchy Perfume - Eau de Givenchy - Eau de Toilette (100ml)


Floral is the most popular and it is the most preferable because these fragrances are romantic, feminine, and mostly inoffensive. It can also be recognized easily. Their collection is broad, ranging from the concertos on the theme of a single floral note to complex symphonies capturing luxurious mixed bouquets. The most used popular floral notes are rose, lily, violet, lavender, and jasmine. Dominantly floral fragrances are still a rarity today for men. Nevertheless, they can feature in heart notes of many men’s fragrances and used widely in both unisex and women fragrances. 

floral fragrance notes


Examples of Floral Fragrances:

Ariana Grande Perfume - R.E.M. - Eau de Parfum (30ml)

Chloé Perfume - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Lucky - Eau de Parfum (80ml)

Estée Lauder Perfume - Pleasures - Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Hugo Boss Perfume - Boss Ma Vie - Eau de Parfum (75ml)


Fougère (pronounced fooz-air) means “fern” in French and it is in reference to the famous perfume Fougère Royale. Released by Houbigant Parfum in 1882, Fougère Royale has reformed perfumery and even today many masculine fragrances are created using its structure. Fougère scents are dominated by harmonies of lavender, coumarin, vetiver, oak moss, wood, geranium and citrus. Fougère fragrances consists of sweet and spicy notes over an aromatic backdrop. Fougère fragrances perform notably well during the early warmer seasons such as spring, thanks to their bouquet of green and aromatic notes. 

best fougere fragrance

Examples of Fougère Fragrances:

Paco Rabanne Aftershave - Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Versace Aftershave - Dylan Blue Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette (200ml)

Versace Aftershave - Eros - Eau de Toilette (200ml)

Versace Aftershave - Pour Homme - Eau de Toilette (50ml)

Tom Ford Aftershave - Beau de Jour - Eau de Parfum (50ml)


This fragrance type became popular because of Thierry Mugler’s Chocolate Angel Perfume and it is still gaining popularity. These delectable fragrances use notes from desserts or food to balance out scents. The common notes include caramel, chocolate, candyfloss, vanilla, and coffee. Synthetics are normally used to mimic food smells.

gourmand fragrance notes

Best Gourmand Fragrances:

Juicy Couture Perfume - Viva La Juicy - Eau de Parfum (30ml)

Valentino Perfume - Valentina Blush - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Valentino Perfume - Valentina Pink - Eau de Parfum (50ml)


The tanning of leather brought about a new era of perfumery. The pleasant fragrances created with smoke, wood, tobacco and honey mixed with the skins’ aldehydic notes went on to become quite desirable. Leather fragrances can be recognized in various nuances from dry, tart, warm and smoky blends to even floral, velvety compositions. 

Examples of Leather Fragrances:

Ted Baker Aftershave - Ag - Eau de Toilette (25ml)

Valentino Aftershave - Uomo - Eau de Toilette (50ml)

Valentino Perfume - Valentina Oud Assoluto - Eau de Parfum (80ml)


The oriental fragrance is a rich, smooth and sensual scent with spice at its core. Their deluxe bouquet comprises of intoxicating and distinct substances such as musk, vanilla, exotic resins, wood and amber that create warm, voluptuous aromas. This is the best perfume for colder months, thanks to their profound powdery and spicy notes. This oriental fragrance may consist of notes such as pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and cloves or heavy bases such as heliotrope and sandalwood, as a result they are usually full-bodied and long-lasting. 


best oriental fragrances

Much-loved Oriental Fragrances:

Valentino Perfume - Valentina - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Givenchy Perfume - Hot Couture - Eau de Parfum (50ml)

Paco Rabanne - Olympea - Eau de Parfum (30ml)

Giorgio Armani Aftershave - Armani Code Pour Homme - Eau De Toilette (50ml)

Calvin Klein - Obsession For Men - Eau de Toilette (125ml)

Burberry Aftershave - London - Eau De Toilette (100ml)


This dynamic fragrance family uses notes of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vetiver and oud (a rare scent of a resin emitted by the wood of the South Asian agar tree in reaction to a specific mould infection). When you think of woody scents, masculine fragrances might come to mind, but thanks to their musky and warming nature with the addition of fruity or green notes they can give a delicate touch associated with many female and unisex fragrances. 

woody notes in perfume

Examples of Woody Fragrances:

Burberry Aftershave - Touch - Eau de Toilette (100ml)

Hugo Boss Aftershave - Boss Bottled Absolute - Eau de Parfum (100ml)

Fragrance Concentrations

French terms are quite common in the fragrance industry. When shopping for fragrances this can be confusing and you certainly do not want to end up buying a fragrance that is too strong or much too weak. 

A bottle never contains pure fragrance, it is a mixture of a scent and a base. The scent comprises of essences, aromatic compounds and oils. However, the base is usually a mix of ethanol and water or simply one of the two. The intensity of a fragrance is dependent on the concentration of perfume oils in the formula. Here is a brief introduction to the various types of perfumes available on the market.


It is also known as ‘perfume extract’ or ‘parfum extrait.’ It is the most concentrated and expensive of all the fragrances, and it is slighter oilier as it is composed of 20% to 30% of pure essence dissolved in the alcohol, its strength can also be as high as 40%. A single application is enough and doesn’t require reapplying as it will last up to 24 hours.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum is more widely available than parfums these days. This type of fragrance can be used by both genders and it is the best form of fragrance. It contains 15% to 20% of pure perfume essence and it will last about 5 to 8 hours. If you fancy a stronger perfume, this is a good option for you.

Eau de Toilette 

It is a light form of fragrance where 5% to 15% of perfume scent is dissolved in alcohol and it will last up to 3 hours. It produces a light fragrance that is suitable for everyday daytime wear. Reapplication of the perfume maybe needed throughout the day. 

Eau de Cologne

It is the oldest form of fragrance. Despite the word ‘cologne’ in the name, this perfume type is not only related to men’s fragrances but women’s fragrances can fall within this category as well. This type of fragrance will be light and fresh; and it is mostly composed of 2% to 4% of oils in water and alcohol. Even younger people can also use this and it will last up to 2 hours. Eau de cologne has replaced eau de toilette’s original function and is used for freshening up. As cologne fades quickly, it should be applied directly after bathing and before a personal grooming / beauty routine. 

Eau Fraiche

It is the most diluted version as it consists of only 1% to 3% of perfume essential oil which is dissolved in alcohol and water. With its very low concentration, eau fraîche usually lasts less than an hour and it comes at a lower price. These are often reserved for personal grooming to enhance the experience and are rarely suitable as daytime fragrances. 

Perfect Scent

Wearing the right fragrance is the best way to express yourself, and depending on the type of fragrance that you choose it will make you attractive and approachable. Once you found out the fragrance which is comfortable for you and also complements your natural style, then in your next purchase you can simply choose them with confidence.